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We all know that more visitors means more sales. We can help you get more visitors to your website.

Do you want more free traffic to your website and earn money through paid Surfbars, Paidmails, Promotions and Banner Clicks? Payment from 2,- €, VIP members pay from 1, - €

We offer you as a webmaster the opportunity without fuss and get automatically thousands of visitors on your website.

How does it work? The principle is simple. You must log in and get a URL from us. on this URL will then be shown various aspects of our members, each 20 seconds. After this period is automatically loaded every time a new page.
multi-Surfbar 2 - 4 pages

5000 visitor upon registration (is after 100 ersurften points automatically credited)

"But I have no website." Do not worry, you can also start times already and earn points, because there is a piggy bank, and if you later have a website, then hail it Visitors.

And why? For each page you will receive points on your credit. And these points then convert into visitors, or you can pay in euros.
It is also possible to sell the saved points (eg as sold on eBay).


The main features are listed:
-> 5000 points starting balance (after the first 100 points ersurften)
-> All 5000 points there is an additional 100 points given
-> 5 Ref levels (0,1 / 0,04 / 0,03 / 0,02 / 0,01 Credits)
-> to 0.80 euros per recruited by User
-> Money box function
-> Control of all sites
-> Flag as inappropriate bring 50 extrapoints
-> By earning credits Banner Clicks
-> Earn money by surfing and clicking
-> Payout from 2, - €, VIP members pay from 1,-€
-> Payment within 24 hours, your Bank Account.
-> Any number of websites per user
-> Earn 0,7 credits
-> 1,4 credits in earnings-per-call manual Surfbar
-> 1 Credits, cost of surfbar ad
-> Coupons for Active Members
-> Bonus programs - facing south have credits or Euros
-> Credits transfer option
-> Jackpot feature
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